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This is not a blog! I swore I would never do a blog, so this can't possibly be one. Besides, blogs are backwards. They may be useful for random thoughts, but are a pain for presenting a series of sequential articles.
HOWEVER, like a blog, this site will continually update.

Home Sweet Home (5/12/14)

Since this is not a blog, I won't talk about myself.

What this site is attempting to do is offer some education and support to the users of the Ancestry.com DNA testing service. We all know that Ancestry has been somewhat lax in providing these, as well as in providing analytical tools to allow users to better understand just what their results actually mean.

This also allows me to make observations about Ancestry's policies without worrying about getting chastised for it.

After "How do I print my tree?" and "Why can't I find my great grandmother?" the most common questions on the Ancestry.com Community Support Forum regard DNA testing. These questions can pretty much be summed up as, "Huh?"

There are a lot of sources, both in print and online, that can answer these questions, but there's a problem. They all, even those with words like "newbie" and "beginner" in their titles, assume you already know something of what you're talking about. So I thought a little "pre-beginner" primer might not be a bad idea.

As for the "kindergarten" name, please don't think I'm calling you a bunch of five-year-olds. Kindergarten is where people go to prepare for their more formal education. To paraphrase from Wikipedia, kindergarten is a preschool [before school, nothing about age or level of maturity or intelligence] educational approach including "practical activities" and "social interaction" as part of a "transition" to school. I thought it was quite an apt analogy.

Much of what you will find here is knowledge I have gained from reading, both print and online. Some of it will stray from fact to opinion, but I will sincerely try to note when this happens.

All specific endeavors have their own jargon, and genetic genealogy (referred to among scientific types as Human Population Genetics before it became a mass-market consumer phenomenon) is no exception. As much as I dislike it, we're stuck with it. Unlike other writers, I will try to explain the more arcane words, phrases and abbreviations we encounter.

Along with not being a blog, this is also not a forum, meaning it is not an open discussion. However, I value appropriate input. So each page has a "Contact" button which will allow you to email me. By submitting a comment, you agree that it may be added to the site at my sole discretion. Emails must be signed with your full name, but any reference on site will only be by first name. Comments will generally be paraphrased rather than directly quoted.

This is, any probably always will be, a work in progress. There is always more knowledge to be gained and passed along.
The latest version of each page will contain the date in the title line.

And importantly, I have NO official connection with Ancestry.com (or any other site that may get mentioned in passing, other than my own family tree).
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