Mead, Belmont, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bumgardner, George Everet  22 Sep 1880Mead, Belmont, Ohio I2012
2 Bumgardner, James Madison  13 Dec 1847Mead, Belmont, Ohio I4605
3 Bumgardner, Louise  20 Nov 1886Mead, Belmont, Ohio I4120
4 Campbell, Margaret  31 Oct 1869Mead, Belmont, Ohio I3748
5 Corbett, Harrison T.  8 Jul 1867Mead, Belmont, Ohio I3747
6 Doty, Nathan H.  12 Sep 1873Mead, Belmont, Ohio I3713
7 Glasgow, William C.  15 Jun 1873Mead, Belmont, Ohio I456
8 Lockwood, Archie L.  17 Dec 1871Mead, Belmont, Ohio I3703
9 Lockwood, Lillian Belle  8 Jul 1868Mead, Belmont, Ohio I3702
10 Lockwood, Robert J.  29 Oct 1874Mead, Belmont, Ohio I3704
11 Ramsay, Charles  10 Nov 1903Mead, Belmont, Ohio I2378
12 Willis, Margaret Luella  20 Aug 1901Mead, Belmont, Ohio I1785


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boner, Elizabeth  Nov 1879Mead, Belmont, Ohio I4482
2 Carlow, Sarah L.  15 Oct 1909Mead, Belmont, Ohio I4480
3 Lockwood, Jacob Mead  30 Jul 1886Mead, Belmont, Ohio I229
4 Lockwood, Robert J.  7 Apr 1875Mead, Belmont, Ohio I3704
5 Neff, Conrad M.  15 Mar 1933Mead, Belmont, Ohio I1168
6 Neff, Hazel  5 Nov 1913Mead, Belmont, Ohio I4092
7 Nixon, Nancy J.  1 Dec 1910Mead, Belmont, Ohio I1841
8 Rowles, Alvaretta H.  26 Jul 1887Mead, Belmont, Ohio I1178
9 Scott, Mary Anna  22 Dec 1910Mead, Belmont, Ohio I1004
10 Trimble, Mary Ann  7 Oct 1911Mead, Belmont, Ohio I4866